TSA Demos CT Scanners At Airport Baggage Checks

June 15, 2017

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The US Transportation Security Administration is testing a new 3D carry-on bag inspection scanner this month at airports in Phoenix and Boston.

The scanners use computed tomography (CT), where an X-ray camera moves round the baggage conveyor belt and offers 3D images of carry-on bags. The images can then be rotated to provide clearer views of the contents if needed. TSA said it already uses the technology to scan checked bags.

The trials use one checkpoint lane at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and later in the month at Boston’s Logan Airport.

The system applies sophisticated algorithms for the detection of explosives, and if a bag requires additional screening, TSA officers will open and inspect it.

TSA said passengers using Terminal 4 at Phoenix and Terminal E at Boston may be asked to volunteer for screening using the technology.