Southwest’s 737 MAX Cancellations Extended Into February

October 17, 2019

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Southwest Airlines has extended the removal from service of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft until February 8.

Southwest’s 737 MAX Cancellations Extended Into February

The flight schedule changes will offer reliability to its operation and stability for customers, the Dallas-based airline said.

The US low cost carrier’s announcement comes the day after Air Canada extended the removal of MAX planes from its schedule until February 14.

Southwest said that by removing the MAX from scheduled service, it will reduce last-minute flight cancellations and unexpected disruptions to travel plans.

The schedule changes will cause the cancellation of around 175 weekday flights out of the daily total of over 4,000 flights.

“Southwest Airlines continues to monitor information from Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration on the impending 737 MAX software enhancements and training requirements. We remain confident that, once certified by the FAA, the enhancements will support the safe operation of the MAX.”

Southwest is the largest operator of the Boeing 737 MAX, with 34 in service at the time of the worldwide grounding of the type in March.