Southwest Plane Overruns California Runway

December 6, 2018

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A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 rolled off the end of a runway at California’s Burbank Airport, coming to a halt in an overrun area.

Flight WN278 from Oakland overran the runway as it landed at around 09:05 and “came to rest in the engineered material arresting system”, an FAA statement said.

Southwest said all 112 passengers and five crew deplaned with no reported injuries.

Hollywood Burbank airport reported that the airport remained open after the event but some flights were delayed or cancelled.

Southwest later said it had resumed flight operations at Burbank and was conducting a damage assessment and working to remove the aircraft from the end of the runway.

An engineered material arrestor system is a bed of materials laid at the end of runways to slow planes and reduce the severity of a runway overrun.