Amsterdam Airport Security Guards To Strike Sept 4

August 22, 2018

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Unions representing security guards at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport have called a 24-hour strike for September 4 in support of a pay and conditions claim.

The FNV Security and CNV Professionals unions said the strike will apply to other locations as well, but were announcing the Schiphol action early to allow passengers to make alternative arrangements.

“Schiphol has already received a notice from us, because a 24-hour strike has consequences for the airport and air traffic,” FNV director Mohamed Gafki said. “Agreements can now be made to arrange things properly.”

There have been several work stoppages at the airport over the past six weeks after a court ruling allowed the unions a maximum of five work stoppages not exceeding 15 minutes per 24-hour period. But the ruling prohibited strikes in excess of 15 minutes and any work stoppages during peak times.

The industrial action started at Schiphol but has spread to the rest of the Netherlands. FNV and CNV say the strikes are because they believe the gap between their demands and the employers offer is insurmountable.

Arie Kasper of the CNV union said members “want a good collective agreement and demand healthier schedules, a decent salary increase and more security. Employers in security refuse to meet these requirements so far.”