SAS Ending Inflight Duty-Free To Cut Emissions

June 4, 2019

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SAS Scandinavian Airlines is stopping on board duty-free sales as it pushes to reduce aircraft weight, lower fuel consumption and cut emissions.

SAS Ending Inflight Duty-Free To Cut Emissions

The changes will be introduced after the summer travel season as it seeks a reduction in emissions of at least 25 percent by 2030.

SAS says its efforts to improve the sustainability of its operations include improved fuel efficiency and the introduction or increased use of alternative fuels, and sustainable products and services.

Aircraft weight reduction is also one of the initiatives to be introduced over the coming months.

SAS said that while duty-free sales have been popular, passenger buying habits have changed and sustainability has become more important for passengers and the airline.

“Withdrawing tax-free sales will reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Instead, SAS will develop solutions to offer passengers more modern ways of buying and receiving goods in connection with their journey.”

Other initiatives the airline has introduced include adding fuel-efficient aircraft to its fleet, and partnering Airbus to develop electric and hybrid aircraft.

“SAS is aiming to cut emissions by at least 25 percent by 2030. Every step on the way to sustainable travel is important. Every initiative to reduce weight and thereby cut fuel consumption helps,” SAS EVP Karl Sandlund said.