Ryanair Flight Diverted, Escorted by Fighter Jets

October 4, 2017

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A Ryanair flight from Lithuania to London was diverted to London’s Stansted Airport on Wednesday, escorted in by Royal Air Force fighter jets.

The flight from Kaunas was scheduled to land at London Luton Airport, but was diverted to Stansted which is equipped to handle security incidents on aircraft.

The Boeing 737 landed safely and passengers were taken from the remote parking area to the terminal by bus. The aircraft and passenger baggage was checked with nothing suspicious found.

Local media reported that a security alert was received prior to the flight’s departure from Kaunas. The aircraft was searched and cleared for takeoff by the Lithuanian authorities, but the UK insisted on the diversion to further check the plane and its passengers.

Stansted was closed briefly to flights while the Ryanair jet landed but reopened shortly after.