Fuel Pipeline Supplying JFK Airport Ruptures

March 11, 2016

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A fuel pipeline that supplies John F Kennedy airport ruptured in East New York on Thursday, potentially affecting fuel supply to the airport.

The leak has been isolated, the fire department said, adding that there were no injuries or evacuations due to the incident.

Authorities are yet to confirm if it is a jet fuel or natural gas pipeline, but media reports suggest it is jet fuel.

"We are not aware of any effects to airport operations. At this point, it is not clear if it is a fuel or natural gas pipeline that has been affected," a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey said.

"If it is a fuel line, the airport has about three days worth of fuel and is equipped to deal with anything that would affect supply," he added.

The pipeline also supplies LaGuardia and Newark airports, ABC7 reported.

The incident occurred at around 5.15 pm local time and the leak was isolated and secured by around 6.10 pm, the New York Post reported citing fire officials.

The extent of the spill is not yet known.