FedEx Orders 30 ATR 72-600 Freighters

November 8, 2017

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FedEx Express has ordered 30 ATR 72-600s, to be supplied in a new all-freight configuration.

The ATR 72-600F freighter has a windowless fuselage, a forward large cargo door and a rear upper hinged cargo door. It has a bulk capacity of 74.6 cubic metres and can accommodate up to seven LD3 containers, or five 88 x 108, or nine 88 x 62 inch pallets.

First delivery of the new type will be in 2020, with subsequent deliveries of about six aircraft a year over five years. The FedEx order includes options on an additional 20 ATR freighters.

“We worked with ATR to develop this new aircraft, which include special features to help us grow our business, especially in the air freight market where shipments are larger and heavier,” FedEx Express chief executive David Cunningham said in a statement.