FedEx Orders 24 Freighters From Boeing

June 19, 2018

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FedEx Express has placed an order for 12 Boeing 767F freighters and 12 777F freighters in a deal valued at USD$6.6 billion at list prices.

The 767F has a capacity of approximately 58 tons (52.7 metric tonnes) of cargo, and the 777F can carry 112 tons (102 metric tonnes) over a 4,900 nautical mile (9,070 km) range.

“The Boeing 767 and 777 freighters have brought greater efficiency and reliability to our air operations,” FedEx Express chief executive David Cunningham said. “The 777, with its tremendous range characteristics, has allowed us to provide faster transit times around the globe.”

FedEx Express currently operates a fleet of 664 cargo aircraft, including 56 Boeing 767-300ERFs and 34 Boeing 777Fs.