EVA Air Cabin Crew Strike, Many Flights Cancelled

June 20, 2019

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Flight attendants at EVA Air have gone on strike after talks between the airline and TFAU cabin crew union broke down.

The airline said that at a Thursday meeting with the union, the TFAU unilaterally announced that a consensus could not be reached and started an immediate strike. EVA Air said it was “deeply disappointed” about the strike and felt helpless about the outcome.

The airline said it had confirmed the number of cabin crew willing to work as scheduled, and it would do its best to operate as many flights as possible.

The company website showed 16 flight cancellations from Taipei Taoyuan airport and one from Kaohsiung on Thursday. Friday was showing 80 cancellations in total, and 27 incoming flights on Saturday and 12 on Sunday have been cancelled. For weekend departures from Taiwan, passengers are asked to check with the airline for flight updates.

EVA Air said it is working with other airlines and transferring as many passengers as possible to alternative flights. Passengers delayed more than six hours will receive refreshments, accommodation and transportation or compensation of up to USD$250.

The airline said it will also waive service charges for passengers who change flights or request ticket refunds.