EASA Taking Applications For Brexit Certification

October 4, 2018

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EASA, the European aviation regulator, has started taking applications from UK companies for certification in case Britain leaves the European Union next year without a formal deal.

The European Aviation Safety Agency said that it and other EU institutions have been identifying and putting in place measures for Britain’s exit. As part of that process EASA has started taking applications for third country approvals from existing UK approval holders.

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, but EASA said that in the case of “a positive outcome to the negotiations a transition period of 21 months until 31 December 2020 will be opened, during which everything will remain as it is today.”

The newly announced certification process has been introduced in case of a “no-deal” Brexit in March.

Maintenance, manufacturing, training and aero-medical centres can apply for certification under the new initiative.

Until Britain exits the EU, EASA said it will continue its cooperation with UK authorities, including in certification, standardisation and rulemaking.

In turn, the UK has the right to participate in EASA activities, including formal meetings and retain its speaking and voting rights.