Delta Still Recovering From Atlanta Thunderstorms

April 7, 2017

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Flight delays continued on Friday at Atlanta Airport in the aftermath of Wednesday’s severe weather event.

Delta Air Lines, the biggest carrier at Hartsfield-Jackson, was still struggling Friday as it cancelled another 500 flights. That brought the total number of cancellations to around 3,000.

Delta COO Gil West said in a statement “Wednesday’s severe weather was unprecedented for Atlanta… halting much of the day’s operation, prompting delays and cancellations.”

West said that about 60 percent of Delta’s fleet cycles through Atlanta each day, and the impact of a storm like Wednesday’s can be significant. “The resulting recovery has not been ideal,” he added.

Many flights were delayed Friday evening, with more expected on Saturday as Delta catches up with its normal flight schedule.

The flight chaos followed a ground stop at Atlanta on Wednesday as a series of severe thunderstorms passed through the area.