Brussels Baggage Strike Over, Flights Restart

October 31, 2018

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The industrial dispute between baggage handlers and airport handling company Aviapartner at Brussels Airport has been resolved, with operations returning to normal during Wednesday.

The strike has caused the cancellation of 960 flights over six days, affecting close to 115,000 passengers.

In a statement, Brussels Airport said it is “pleased that Aviapartner and the company’s trade unions were able to reach terms on an agreement, but also deplores the major impact this unannounced strike has had on passengers and airlines, particularly as it came during the autumn half-term holiday.”

The airport said it had tried to minimise the inconvenience for passengers, and it and the airlines involved had done as much as they could to assist passengers and keep them informed of developments during the strike.

Passengers whose luggage went missing during the work stoppage are recommended not to go to the airport but wait until they are contacted by Aviapartner.