Boeing To Offer Biofuel For Airline Delivery Flights

March 8, 2019

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Boeing will soon offer airlines and operators the option of powering their newly delivered aircraft with biofuel for the flight to their home base.

Boeing To Offer Biofuel For Airline Delivery Flights

The airframer said the initiative is “designed to further spur the use of sustainable aviation fuels – which cut emissions up to 80 percent – and support the industry’s drive to protect the environment.”

The new fuel option will be available for Boeing customers receiving their new planes from assembly plants in Seattle and Everett, Washington state. Also planned is the use of biofuel for some test flights at Boeing Field.

Boeing said it is also working on providing a biofuel option at its South Carolina Delivery facility.

Alaska Airlines will be the first airline to take up the option, with a blend of biofuel and traditional fuel when it takes delivery of three Boeing 737 MAX aircraft this year.

“This is another step in our decade-long journey to encourage the adoption of sustainable fuels and help commercial aviation earn its license to keep growing,” Boeing Commercial VP Sheila Remes said.

“We have great customers such as Alaska Airlines that have made good progress in adopting the use of biofuels. We hope this new option will make it easier for them and others to demonstrate our industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions.”