Boeing Completes 737 MAX Software Update

May 16, 2019

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Boeing has completed the software update and associated simulator testing for the 737 MAX, after two crashes of the aircraft killed everybody on board.

Boeing Completes 737 MAX Software Update

Boeing said it is now working with the US FAA to provide additional information the regulator has requested. The information includes details on how pilots interact with aircraft controls and displays in different flight scenarios.

The airframer said that once the requests have been addressed, it will work with the FAA on scheduling certification testing and final documentation.

“With safety as our clear priority, we have completed all of the engineering test flights for the software update and are preparing for the final certification flight,” Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg said.

“We’re committed to providing the FAA and global regulators all the information they need, and to getting it right. We’re making clear and steady progress and are confident that the 737 MAX with updated MCAS software will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly.”

Boeing has also developed enhanced training and education materials that are now being reviewed by global regulators and airlines. There will also be a series of regional customer conferences around the world, it said.

The software updates come as a result of two fatal 737 MAX crashes in five months. A total of 346 people were killed in the crashes off Indonesia and in Ethiopia.