Boeing Celebrates 10,000th 737 Produced

March 13, 2018

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Boeing on Tuesday rolled out the 10,000th 737 at its Renton assembly plant in Washington state, a MAX 8 for Southwest Airlines.

Boeing Commercial’s Kevin McAllister said the milestone “represents more than 50 years of success and achievement on the part of thousands of Boeing employees past and present, our supplier partners, and our airline customers around the globe who put their confidence in the 737.”

The 737 first flew in April 1967 and entered commercial service with Lufthansa in February 1968.

Boeing introduced the ‘Next Generation’ 737s during the 1990s, and the MAX series in 2017.

The Chicago-based company said in a release that with the 10,000th aircraft, the 737 has taken the Guinness World Records title for the most produced commercial jet aircraft model.

Boeing said it will increase 737 production from the current rate of 47 per month to 52 later this year. It is also considering whether to raise production rates even higher to meet strong demand for the MAX family.