ANA Engine Inspections Cause 113 Flight Cancellations

July 4, 2018

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Japanese airline ANA has announced the cancellation of 113 domestic flights over seven days this month to allow it to inspect more Rolls-Royce engines on its Boeing 787 fleet.

The additional checks come after Rolls-Royce extended inspections to include high life Trent 1000 Package B engines after some issues were found with compressor blades.

“Over the last two years, we have been working very closely with Rolls-Royce and the regulatory authorities to minimise the impact to our flight schedule,” ANA said in a statement.

“However, due to the additional mandatory inspections which were announced in mid June, we are cancelling a limited number of flights.”

Previous inspections were of Trent 1000 Package C engine compressor blades due to durability issues.

ANA, the largest Boeing 787 operator, said international flights will not be affected by the extra inspections. ANA operates 64 787s - 36 787-8s and 28 787-9s on domestic and international routes.