Airbus Increases A220 Take-Off Weight, Range

May 21, 2019

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Airbus has increased the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the A220 family of aircraft, boosting its range.

Airbus Increases A220 Take-Off Weight, Range

The MTOW of the two A220 models will rise by 2,268 kg (2.3 metric tonnes), and increase range by 450 nautical miles to 3,400 nm for the A220-100 and 3,350 nm for the larger A220-300.

Airbus said it can do this by “taking credit of existing structural and systems margins as well as existing fuel volume capacity.”

The extended range will allow carriers to add new routes not currently possible with smaller single-aisle aircraft.

“Since its entry-into-service close to three years ago, the A220 aircraft has already proven that it is meeting or beating its initial performance targets,” A220 Engineering & Customer Support head Rob Dewar said.

“Today, Airbus is reinforcing its confidence in the A220 platform and further enhancing its capabilities to meet upcoming market requirements.”

Airbus assumed control of what was formerly the Bombardier CSeries last year and renamed it the A220. It has taken orders for over 530 of the type so far.