American Airlines Fares Back On Orbitz

August 29, 2014

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American Airlines' airfares were back on Orbitz websites on Friday, after the two companies patched up a dispute that caused American to pull the information on Tuesday.

The fares and schedules for thousands of flights were restored effective immediately, after being pulled just as abruptly on Tuesday after the two sides disagreed over a new contract, the companies said.

American said it would not remove US Airways fares on September 1, as it had threatened when talks between the two companies broke down earlier. The two airlines merged in December. The companies declined to disclose the nature of their disagreement, other than that it was over economic terms.

"We are pleased that our long-standing relationship with American Airlines allowed us to quickly resolve business matters," Orbitz President Sam Fulton said in a statement.

American Airlines said the companies had reached a letter of intent and were working on final agreements.

For customers, the deal doesn't affect purchased tickets, which remained valid even after American pulled its fares on Tuesday. But it means Orbitz customers can change their reservations by calling Orbitz, rather than American.