United Plane Slips Off Cleveland Airport Taxiway

February 22, 2013

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A United Airlines plane slid off the runway at Cleveland's main airport early on Friday shortly after landing, forcing passengers and crew to exit by stairs, but no injuries were reported, airport and airline officials said.

United flight 1639 from Fort Lauderdale was turning onto the taxiway after landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport when it slipped off the paved area into the grass and snow, the airline said.

The plane was carrying 103 passengers and five crew members and no injuries were reported, United said.

Airport spokeswoman Jacqueline Mayo said passengers from the Boeing 737 had been taken to the airport terminal by bus, and conditions were good when the incident happened at 10:45 am local time.

"Crews were out all evening and morning," Mayo said. "We don't know why it happened, but it is safe for planes to land and taxi for takeoff."