Lindner Depa's Doha Airport Contract Terminated

June 24, 2012

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Lindner Depa, an interior fitting joint venture between Dubai-based Depa and Germany's Lindner, has had a AED900 million dirhams (USD$245.03 million) contract to fit out the new Doha International Airport terminated, Depa said on Sunday.

The contract to fit out 17 lounges at the new USD$15.5 billion airport was the largest project in the firm's order book.

Depa, which said it was discussing options with its lawyers, said the contract was pulled after Lindner Depa's "refusal to accept new and non-favourable contract terms and conditions... after being denied full access to the project site to perform its contract scope of work."

The company blamed the lack of access for being unable to start its interior contracting work as planned and to meet the original completion date.

The new airport is scheduled to open in December. The facility is being opened in three phases to be completed by 2015 and have the capacity to handle 50 million passengers.

The termination came days after the new airport revoked Lindner Depa's contract performance bond and advance payment guarantee, worth AED117 million dirhams.