EU Probes Ryanair Deals At Nimes Airport

April 25, 2012

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EU antitrust regulators are investigating whether marketing deals and discounted fees granted by France's Nimes airport to Ryanair gave the Irish low-cost carrier an unfair advantage, in the latest probe against the airline.

"The (European) Commission has concerns that such arrangements could give the airline an undue economic advantage that its competitors do not enjoy," the EU executive said in a statement on Wednesday.

"In addition, the Commission will assess whether part of the aid to the airport operators has been passed on to the airline."

Veolia Transport operates Nimes Airport, in the south of France. The local Chamber of Commerce was in charge until December 2006.

The Commission's investigation will also look into potential state aid granted by French authorities to the airport.

The EU watchdog has in recent months opened investigations into various deals between Ryanair and airports in Germany, France and Austria.