Lufthansa To Cut Costs With Temporary Crew

January 4, 2012

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Lufthansa plans to hire temporary staff as flight attendants for routes to and from Berlin's new airport to cut costs.

A spokesman for Lufthansa said on Wednesday about 200 flight attendants will be employed by a Lufthansa-owned temp agency rather than by the airline itself.

While entry-level salaries will be on a par with those at Lufthansa -- EUR€1,700 (USD$2,200) gross salary per month plus benefits -- contracts will end after two years. The temporary crew can then apply for a new job with Lufthansa.

The plan has come to the attention of trade union Verdi. "We believe that Lufthansa is in breach of current law," a spokeswoman said.

Lufthansa last month announced it will launch a new cost-cutting initiative this year as a weakening global economy and high fuel costs hit profit.