Fraport CEO Eyes Turkey, Puerto Rico Airports

November 10, 2011

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German airport operator Fraport is interested in airport acquisitions in Puerto Rico and Turkey, chief executive Stefan Schulte said on Thursday.

"We're on the short-list for Puerto Rico and will be getting involved in the privatisation of Izmir in Turkey," Schulte told journalists.

Schulte also said Fraport expected passenger growth at Frankfurt airport to be in the 4-7 percent range again next year, but that this was an early forecast and depended on how the world economy developed.

"You can see how the forecasts are being reduced from month to month," he said. "If we have a serious recession or major external shocks, then it will have to be revised."

Fraport's main business is Frankfurt airport, but it also has stakes in Antalya in Turkey, Burgas and Varna in Bulgaria and Lima in Peru.

The group is interested in the planned privatisation of Madrid and Barcelona but the Spanish government postponed the sale after bidders found it difficult to get financing.

Puerto Rico's San Juan Luis Munoz Marin airport serves about 9 million passengers a year, while Izmir serves around 7.5 million.