BAA To Sell Edinburgh Airport, Keep Glasgow

October 19, 2011

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British airport operator BAA said it would sell Edinburgh airport following a ruling earlier this year by the UK's Competition Commission ordering it to sell off London Stansted airport and either Glasgow or Edinburgh airport in Scotland.

"BAA is now commencing preparations for a sale and expects to formally approach the market in the New Year with a view to agreeing a sale (of Edinburgh airport) by Summer 2012," BAA, owned by Spanish infrastructure firm Ferrovial said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Choosing which airport to sell has been a difficult decision... Glasgow airport has great opportunities for future growth and development and we think BAA is well-placed to build on its recent success."

BAA owns London's Heathrow -- Europe's busiest airport -- as well as Southampton and Stansted in England and Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen airports in Scotland.

Earlier this month the Commission told BAA that it must sell one of its Scottish airports before it disposes of Stansted airport.

The Commission's decision followed a two-year battle between BAA and the Commission after it ruled in 2009 that BAA exerted a dominant hold on British airports and told it to sell Gatwick and Stansted airports and one of its Scottish airports.

BAA is seeking a judicial review of the UK competition watchdog's ruling requiring it to sell off Stansted.