Finnair Cancels Flights Due To Strike

October 25, 2010

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Finnish national carrier Finnair has cancelled 19 flights on Monday and 15 on Tuesday, because of a strike by air transport technical staff halting maintenance of aircraft.

Finnair spokeswoman Inka Ikonen said about 900 passengers on Monday and about 500 on Tuesday were being impacted by the strike.

"It is very difficult to estimate the costs," Ikonen added.

Around 900 Finnish Aviation Union's (IAU) members begun a strike on Monday at 5 am local time after a new wage deal was not reached on Sunday.

Both the IAU and employer's representative on Sunday evening turned down the state mediator Esa Lonka's proposal for a new deal and the parties are now waiting for the talks to reconvene.

"We have not yet received an invitation for talks from Lonka," IAU's deputy chairman Reijo Hautamaki said.

So far Scandinavian airline SAS’s Blue1 and Finncomm airlines have not cancelled any flights.