Airports Council Calls For One Stop Security

September 28, 2010

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Airports throughout the US, Europe and Canada should work together to deliver an integrated "one stop security" system, according to a meeting hosted by the Airports Council International (ACI).

The meeting stressed the importance of such a system in delivering better service quality to passengers while maintaining an effective level of security.

Airport directors also stressed their commitment to close working with the US Transportation Security Administration, the European Commission and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority on such issues.

Hardy Acree, chairman of the ACI North America, said: "Building upon the existing level of coordination between the US, Canada and the EU is essential as we move forward to design the future aviation security system, which must be effective and efficient, yet sustainable over the long term."

Ad Rutten, president of ACI Europe, said: "We are calling on the EU and US to further step up their cooperation. We are calling upon them to work in a concerted and active way on designing the aviation security system of tomorrow.

"The way forward is clear. Improve the effectiveness of aviation security - by moving from almost exclusive focus on detection to better use of intelligence and information in the whole passenger security process."

The meeting was of the joint board of directors of the North American and European regions of the council and was also attended by Canadian airport directors and transport security officials from the three regions.

(Ken Symon)