Indonesia Sees EU Lifting Ban On More Airlines

July 2, 2010

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Indonesia expects the European Commission to remove two more Indonesian airlines from a list of carriers banned from operating service routes to the European Union, a government official said on Friday.

Under the ban, brought in three years ago after a string of Indonesian air safety disasters, Europeans travelling in Indonesia are also warned not to use domestic services of blacklisted carriers.

Indonesia's director general of air transport, Herry Bakti Singayudha Gumay, said that he expected the ban on Batavia Air and Indonesian Air Asia to be lifted soon.

"Formally, they have not yet been given permission but when I met with (the director of air transport for the European Commission) Daniel Calleja, he told me that in principle Batavia Air and Air Asia would be approved," he said.

Indonesia submitted the names of three airlines for consideration for removal from the blacklist -- Batavia Air, Indonesian Air Asia and Lion Air.

Lion Air's request for removal from the blacklist had not yet been approved, he said.

"Lion Air were asked to provide more complete information in relation to their airline development plan. They are growing very fast and adding planes very quickly, so they were asked for more information about their safety and security programme," he said.