US Airline Passenger Revenue Rose In April

May 21, 2010

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Passenger revenue at US airlines rose for the fourth straight month in April on higher prices, providing further evidence of recovery, the ATA trade group for the US industry said on Friday.

The Air Transport Association of America said passenger revenue was up 12.5 percent in April. The average price to fly one mile on US carriers rose nearly 14 percent in the month, while about 0.5 percent more passengers travelled on the airlines, the group added.

International passenger revenue for US airlines was up 15 percent in April, helped by a 37 percent rise in transpacific markets.

The ATA revenue figures are based on data reported to the group by major carriers including Delta, American, United, Continental, as well as regional airlines.

The Washington-based trade group also said cargo traffic at US airlines rose 22 percent in March 2010 from a year earlier, aided by increased international trade.