ANA Resumes Flights After Cancellation

May 28, 2007

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Computer system problems forced Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) to cancel all its domestic flights out of Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Sunday, but flights resumed from 6:00 p.m.

Other domestic flights were delayed throughout the day.

The flights were cancelled for roughly four hours due to the problems, which affected the airline's reservations, ticket issuing and boarding processes. Delays and congestion were expected to continue throughout the rest of the day.

A total of 114 flights were cancelled, affecting 21,000 passengers, an ANA spokesman said. Another 176 flights nationwide were delayed by at least an hour. All the flights were domestic.

Television footage showed long lines at reservation counters at Haneda, which is primarily a domestic airport.

"I hope we can fly soon," one woman said, nodding towards the toddler daughter in her arms. "She keeps saying she wants to see her papa."

The computer problems also affected some regional airlines whose systems are linked to those of ANA, causing delays.