US, Mexico To Expand Air Services

September 21, 2005

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The United States and Mexico agreed on Wednesday to expand airline flights and other aviation services between the two countries for the first time in six years, the US Transportation Department said.

Under the agreement, three airlines from each country may fly between any US city and any of 14 Mexican cities, including all the major resort destinations in Mexico.

The agreement previously extended to only two airlines from each country.

Additionally, US and Mexican carriers can also negotiate code-share agreements with airlines from other countries to supplement their service.

Any number of scheduled all-cargo carriers may fly between the two countries under the new agreement, and three all-cargo carriers may fly in each US-Mexico market.

The previous agreement allowed five scheduled all-cargo carriers from each country and only one from each country could, in most cases, operate between any US-Mexico market.

The agreement will take effect in the near future but no date has been set.