UK Matches EU Flight Proposals For No Brexit Deal

March 7, 2019

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The UK government has matched the EU's proposal to allow its airlines continued access across the current 28-member states if Britain leaves the EU at the end of the month with no exit deal.

UK Matches EU Flight Proposals If No Brexit Deal Agreed

The UK's Department for Transport said that, subject to approvals, it would grant EU-licensed airlines a similar level of access to the UK as the EU proposes to give to British airlines in Europe. A reciprocal agreement would apply for a year to March 29, 2020, or until a permanent deal is negotiated.

Under the EU's draft regulation, UK airlines would be able to operate unrestricted passenger flights between the UK and EU countries. Additionally, UK carriers would be permitted to fly across EU countries and make stops for non-traffic purposes, such as to refuel or for maintenance, provided they didn't load or unload passengers or cargo.

Under the new British proposal, EU member state airlines would be permitted to operate from any point in the EU to the UK, and to fly across and make stops in the UK for non-traffic purposes.

The Department for Transport said the UK intends to take a more liberal approach to restrictions on ownership and control in aviation for the duration of the 12 month proposed agreement.

Instead of requiring EU member state airlines to be majority owned and controlled by nationals from that EU country, the airlines would need to satisfy the UK Civil Aviation Authority that they are majority owned and effectively controlled by nationals of European Union or European Economic Area countries, or the United Kingdom.

The UK will then start discussions on future ownership and control arrangements for the aviation sector, the department said.

After Britain exits the EU, member country airlines will no longer be permitted to operate intra-UK services, but to allow time for the market to adjust to the new conditions, the UK will allow EU airlines to continue operating flights within the UK for the duration of the 2019 IATA summer season.

Airlines will only be permitted to operate wholly within the UK beyond the summer if they establish an airline in the UK with a CAA operating license, or an agreement is reached allowing cabotage for all UK and EU member state airlines. Cabotage is the transport of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by an airline from another country.