Southwest Extends 737 MAX Schedule Removal

July 18, 2019

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Southwest Airlines has removed the Boeing 737 MAX from its flight schedules until early November over the uncertainty of re-certification of the aircraft.

Southwest Extends 737 MAX Schedule Removal

The Dallas-based airline had previously dropped the MAX until October 1st, but has now extended it to November 2nd.

Southwest said that with the timing of the aircraft’s return to service still uncertain, removing it from flight schedules “can reduce last-minute flight cancellations and unexpected disruptions to our customers’ travel plans.”

The airline said it remains confident that the flight software updates that Boeing is working on “will support the safe operation of the MAX.”

The scheduling change will remove around 180 daily flights out of the airline's peak-day schedule of over 4,000 flights.

Southwest joins American and United who have also removed the 737 MAX from their schedules until early November.

Southwest has received 34 of the grounded 737 MAX 8s, American 24 of the same type, and United has 14 MAX 9s.