Ryanair Gets UK Air Operator Certificate

January 3, 2019

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Ryanair has received its UK air operators certificate (AOC), allowing the Irish airline to fly domestic and international flights within and from Britain after the UK leaves the European Union in March.

Ryanair Gets UK Air Operator Certificate

The airline welcomed the decision and said the risk of a ‘no deal’ Brexit is rising. A lack of agreement between the UK and the EU prior to the scheduled March 29 exit day would see Britain crashing out of the Union in a so called ‘hard Brexit’.

Ryanair said that despite its “robust post-Brexit structures, including our post-Brexit plan around European ownership, we continue to call for the UK and EU to agree a transition deal from 31 March 2019, so that any disruption to flights and British consumer summer holidays in 2019 can be avoided.”

The UK government has negotiated an exit deal with the European Union, but it looks nearly certain that the British parliament will reject the deal in a vote due later this month.

Some UK airlines have or plan to establish subsidiaries in other EU countries to allow them to apply for AOCs and continue flying after Brexit.

Low cost UK carrier easyJet has already received a European AOC for its Austria-based subsidiary allowing it to operate in the EU 27 countries post-Brexit.

Hungarian LCC Wizz Air received a British AOC in May last year to protect its operations from UK airports.