Hong Kong Airlines Drops LA as It Trims Operations

November 4, 2019

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Hong Kong Airlines will reduce its flight schedule and suspend service to Los Angeles, blaming a challenging business environment.

Hong Kong Airlines Drops LA as It Trims Operations

Strong competition, overcapacity in the market and the protests in Hong Kong have affected travel demand, impacting revenue, the company said.

The carrier will trim its operations by about 6 percent, and adjust frequencies to some destinations. It will end its single remaining US flight in February next year, after dropping San Francisco in August.

“The airline has been making operational adjustments from time to time to respond to the changing market conditions. Cost-savings measures were also concurrently implemented to mitigate the financial impact on the airline,” a statement said.

“However, as challenges in the market continue to escalate, Hong Kong Airlines will further consolidate its network to respond to the current situation.”

The airline flagged further changes, warning that if market demand continues to weaken the LAX flight suspension may need to be implemented earlier. Further consolidation may also be necessary.