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United Airlines News Stories

US Investigating Possible Airfare Collusion

July 1, 2015

The US Department of Justice is investigating whether US airlines worked together illegally to keep airfares high by limiting flights.
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United To Pay USD$100 Mln For Azul Stake

June 26, 2015

United Airlines has agreed to pay USD$100 million for a 5 percent stake in Azul, Brazil's third-biggest airline, as it attempts to catch up with US rivals with more established ties in South America's biggest air travel market.
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IATA Backtracks On Bag Size Guidelines

June 17, 2015

IATA has halted plans to set size guidelines for carry-on luggage following a backlash from consumers and some carriers in North America.
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United Airlines To End Service At JFK

June 16, 2015

United Airlines plans to end service in October at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, where it failed to profit over seven years because it offered few connections to other cities, and add flights at its Newark, New Jersey, hub.
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Qatar CEO Seeks Curbs On US Rivals' 'Protectionism'

June 8, 2015

Qatar Airways' chief executive, Akbar Al Baker, has called for IATA to address protectionism, hitting back against US airlines campaigning to restrict what they say are subsidies to Gulf carriers.
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United Does Not See A Fit For Airbus A380

June 4, 2015

United Airlines has been in talks about purchasing the Airbus A380, but at the moment does not see it fitting with its fleet, the airline said.
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United Apology To Muslim Chaplain Over Drinks Can Incident

June 3, 2015

United Airlines on Wednesday issued an apology to a Muslim chaplain who said she was denied an unopened drinks can on an affiliated US domestic flight by an attendant who said it could be used as a weapon.
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United, Air China Expand Code-Share Flights

June 2, 2015

United Airlines and Air China are expanding their code-sharing cooperation to cover another 22 routes in the Chinese and US markets, intensifying competition between US carriers for travel to Asia.
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US Flights Face Bomb Threats, No Explosives Found

June 2, 2015

Five bomb threats that turned out to be hoaxes disrupted US domestic and international flights on Tuesday.
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Etihad Airways Rejects Subsidy Claims

June 1, 2015

Etihad Airways has issued it strongest response yet to claims that it received market-distorting subsidies, saying it is required to repay loans and that its US competitors have a "condescending" view of non-US law.
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Airlines Ramp Up Competition In Dallas

May 20, 2015

The shares of US airlines dropped on Wednesday on concerns that several big carriers are gearing up for a fare war, with Dallas as ground zero.
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Etihad Says US Carriers Got USD$70 Bln Government Aid

May 14, 2015

Etihad Airways on Thursday answered US airlines' claims that the Abu Dhabi-based carrier benefits from subsidies, alleging that those airlines received more than USD$70 billion in government support since 2000, largely via bankruptcy protection and pension guarantees.
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